The Platform

The platform herewith presented is an agent consultation platform to share knowledge and experiences around integrated strategies for CVET (upskilling and reskilling). It is a database that includes the CVET opportunities in the shipbuilding industry, particularly for adults with low qualifications. The partners involved have identified several trainings that are offered in Portugal, Malta, Galicia and Brittany and published the ones that are considered Continuous Vocational Education and Training according to the definition of cedefop .

How to use the platform

Check Manual

Also, Paragon is developing a Sustainability and Monitoring Plan for the ICT Platform, that will include the following points:

  • Establish a plan for the stakeholders to validate the platform – the partners should share the platform with the stakeholders and receive comments to improve the platform;
  • Set an objective for the number of users the platform should have;
  • Set the plan for the dissemination of the platform, according to the dissemination plan (suggestion of Evangelos: A monthly newsletter should be provided from the platform to the registered simple users, informing them about any new programmes, etc.)
  • Set deadlines for the tasks mentioned

The partners in each country

France - Spain - Portugal - Malta





University of Strathclyde